leveraging agile and efficient digital communities that tap audiences on demand, without Needing to pause to recruit.

Quick Start Up

  • Get a nimble community up and running in as little as XXX days and rest assured you’ll be paired up with the target respondents you’re hoping to engage with.

  • Communities have the ability to deliver faster insights than traditional independent qualitative projects or multi-phased research approaches.

Proficient Sampling

  • Take advantage of highly-curated and deeply-screened databases spanning vast swaths of demographic, categorical and VALs based segmentation specifications.

Flexible Ongoing Conversation

  • Ability to recalibrate and refocus in real-time with an established community when new objectives arise or new insights are surfaced.

  • Moving towards a multi-use project where a group that are re-used in several related activities over a given amount of time.

  • No disposable insights. Iterative processes versus learning and moving away (1 and done).