A global food company wished to introduce a new, premium offering in the U.S. (derived from a very successful brand in Europe).  There was no premium tier in the U.S. category, so concerns existed that the European positioning wouldn’t work here.  The team had limited time and budget to qualify the concept/product before making a launch decision.  Prior to BASES testing, they needed a rapid, affordable qualitative approach to gain U.S. consumer reaction to the product and to optimize the concept for this market.


A three stage, online to in-person qualitative approach was designed.

Phase One (Online Journals):  An online journal (text, photos and videos) was utilized to gain insights into target consumers’ everyday lives, their use of the category, and their attitudes about the category/brands.

Phase Two (Online Mini-IHUTs):  Three days after starting their journals, the new product was shipped to participant’s homes.  They used video (mobile devices/laptops) to capture every step of the user experience. 

Phase Three (In-Person Concept Co-Creation):  Day One:  Participants from online study were recruited to provide input/feedback into five positioning territories created by Brand Riffs/client.  Day Two:  Top three concepts from Day One were shared in focus groups with new target consumers.  Two concepts were optimized and chosen to move forward to BASES testing.


The U.S. and European teams felt very encouraged moving forward with launch plans thanks to the research. The resulting concept surpassed BASES norms and the full proposition is now in BASES II for launch validation.  Expected launch early 2016.