Client has a brand with extremely loyal, long term consumers. However, brand loyalty drops off and attrition is significant among Millennial consumers. There was a need to understand why and to develop strategies to address attrition.


A three phase project was utilized: Online Journaling with Millennial consumers; follow up focus groups; and a week long immersion activity (investigating emerging brands/business models that are relevant to Millennial consumers). 

The online journal helped identify “ideal” respondents for the groups, helped create a quasi-segmentation used to populate different groups, and provided a preliminary read on brand issues. Follow up focus groups utilized value-cepts and other proprietary stimulus.


Insights were revealed suggesting that among Millennials, tech product and social media proliferation were changing the very nature of brand “loyalty.” Choice of brand is now more tactical, and based on the appropriateness of that brand’s image in a specific occasion or context.

The research also identified a weakness in the brand’s architecture that kept other products in the brand’s line from being recognized as viable, alternate choices.