Some clients initially saw the “Local Sourcing” trend as only about local food and a desire for fresher, less processed food resources.

Our work across many categories and businesses suggests that food is just the tip of this iceberg...


"Local" will be a dominant imagery driver for new brands and businesses.

“Local” equity is rooted in a wide range of sub trends and emotional needs. Baby Boomers need to find “meaning” in their later years. (The final step in the evolution of life’s pursuits from pleasure to power, and finally to meaning).

“Local” has new value/meaning since it was largely ignored/rebelled against by this generation in their early years. Now that they are staying put—where they are MUST have more meaning. 


The internet has brought the exotic reaches of the world into everyone’s home.

Americans are also very well traveled in the US and are saddened by the disease of sameness that grips most US cities. This has made everyone feel a little less significant. We need to see our own humble surroundings as more meaningful.  Celebrating local culture provides this.


“Local” represents a push back on the unknown/untrusted—corporate retail, big finance, scary science, professional politics, global competition and outsourcing, etc. 

“Local” mythology supports the notion of an independent, self-sufficient life. This is a compelling idea as the average commute to work increases every year.

People love their myths.

They need for farmer, vineyard owner, local business owner, and craftsman mythology not to go the way of cowboy, frontiersman mythology.