Online Qualitative Research

  • Online focus groups and In-depth interviews (webcam, mobile device, or strictly text based). 
  • Consumer attitude/usage journals (over one or more days using a combination of text chat, photos and videos).
  • Interactive bulletin boards for consumer sharing and collaboration (single or multiple days), using a combination of text chat, photos and videos on a bulletin board.

Mobile Phone Enabled Qualititative Research 

  • Ethnographies
  • Product in-home usage tests (IHUTs)
  • User experience assessments
  • Shop-a-longs
  • And many other forms of in-the-field research

These methodologies are just the beginning. We execute our projects with customized, proprietary techniques.

Online Proprietary Techniques

Consumer “Day in the Life” online journals

We create online journals that utilize disarming yet engaging exercises. We structure these exercises to take advantage of the peaking trend towards self expression via digital technology and social media. When prompted the right way, respondents share deeper insights and feelings.  

Online user experience explorations

We ship products to consumers for extended usage. Respondents then blog, take pictures, and create video answers in response to online exercises. Afterwards, we provide a multi-media deck that brings to life the user experience through the eyes of the consumer.

Mobile shop-a-longs

We use smart phones and Bluetooth microphones to capture in-the-moment video and commentary of consumers during shopping experiences, restaurant/bar visits, other social/environmental interactions.  In some cases, an App is used to explore specific questions immediately following the in-market experience. 

Online collaboration space

We use our online bulletin board platform to facilitate consumer brainstorms. These are managed very much like a live brainstorm – first diverging and then converging – through fun exercises to spark creativity. Clients can be included in the project for co-creation.

Online Solution Case Studies