Philosophy A

Good qualitative is about more than meeting research objectives. 

Creative Sparks. 

A well executed qualitative project provides: creative sparks that open new doors, incremental and perhaps unexpected new insights around consumers, brands, categories, etc, inspiration and energy for the people who manage brands.

Fresh perspectives.

Not only is qualitative a ringside seat to the insights world, it’s a forum for brand and insights professionals to get out of the office, take a breather, gain fresh perspective and collaborate on new possibilities.

Personal insights.

After decades in this business, you begin to see incredible human patterns—the psychological routines and denial mechanisms that men and women fall into, internal myths and archetypes that influence everyday behavior, the self-esteem architecture of happy people, and more. 

Pop Quiz.

Philosophy B

Passion for performance, creativity, and analysis is a common feature in our people.
We are passionate about “in the group room” performance as well as the more intellectual and creative sides of this business. 

Performance matters.

We train our moderators to engage, energize, and build trust with respondents. We are informal and approachable, not academic or clinical.  An interview performance that brings the emotions and deep feelings out of respondents also helps keep the back room engaged.  See an example.

Insights and innovation.

Insights and innovation come from many different sources. We embrace the creative and the analytical. We love to explore new research approaches based on mash ups between the sciences, the arts, business theory, popular culture, and so on. View our Online and Traditional proprietary techniques.

We are project people.

We all were in the midst of successful consumer insights careers and found ourselves “promoted” to more managerial/oversight functions. We left those positions to return to the trenches--the insight-focused, creative and strategic sides of this business. We love it here where the action is—the hunt for insights and the crafting of strategy.

Philosophy C

Small is beautiful and meaningful. We are growing, but we are committed to running this company like a small qualitative/consulting shop—why?

We are competitive.

Lean overhead, no shareholders, and no volume-threshold compensation model means we can focus on quality of project execution (instead of quantity of projects banged out). It also means our pricing is always competitive. 

We go deeper.

Seasoned clients know, lots of dialog, moderator think-time, and customized project approaches are key to great research. Our firm is managed so that we can conduct each project with enough time/energy to read relevant background documents, research the category,  go deep on the analysis, and where necessary, create new techniques and stimulus. You won’t get that service from a big qual mill.