AN agile approach THAT Allows you to reach consumers beyond the scope of standard research methodologies.

Target Anyone, Anywhere, Doing Anything

  • Remote Locations - No longer deal with the limiting anchors associated with using the same large city center facilities while also avoiding ‘professional respondents’.

  • The Unschedulables - There are also many who find the longer-term scheduling of a traditional focus group to be too disruptive or unmanageable for their daily lives.

  • City Averse Consumers - Many more rural consumers simply have no interest or motivation entering into larger city centers for research (regardless of incentives).

  • Tech Averse Respondents - We have also encountered other consumers who are distrusting of online research methodologies and thus simply won’t participate.

  • Any Occasion Imaginable - The possibilities are endless. We can set up outside of retail settings, concerts, sporting events, restaurants, local festivals, places of employment and so on. If you can think it…we can make it happen!

Ideal Atmosphere

  • No corporate / boardroom office feel that pulls people out of their element. Laid back and cozy.

  • On-the-fly nature helps elicit more natural / less thought out responses.

Video Editing / Video Streaming Services

  • We offer live streaming services so that any team members who can’t make it to the research can watch and give feedback from the office or from their home.

  • We also offer video editing services so you can save and share those truly magical moments of unadulterated consumer insights captured while on-the-go.