This agile approach Allows us to reach consumers beyond the scope of Your standard research methodologies.

Target Anyone, Anywhere

  • Remote Locations - No limiting anchors around larger city center facilities.

  • Time Starved Limited time (traditional focus group too disruptive or unmanageable).

  • City Averse Consumers - Certain consumers simply don’t have the time or interest to set aside

  • The Unschshedulables - Some folks simply aren’t able to schedule their time out far enough in advance in order to attend a traditional focus group. Here were catch them in the moment.

  • The quick, on-the-fly, nature of mobile intercepts reduces On-the-fly quick and easy nature of mobile intercept

  • Tech Averse Respondents -

  • Distrusting of online research methodologies .

Video Editing / Video Streaming Services

  • Etxxx

Laid-back, Cozy Atmosphere

  • No corporate / boardroom office feel that pulls people out of their element.

These methodologies are just the beginning. We execute our projects with customized, proprietary techniques.